Show What You Know!

This was probably the best project that I have done this semester.  I was able to work with a fantastic group as we put together a talk show that goes over a few of the resources we loved from this course.  When creating the final project it was a huge learning curve for me.  I had never used iMovie before so I was able to learn to cut and piece together several clips, drop in extra video clips while removing the audio to put it along side, and adding in music and clapping.  We also  filmed our step by step instructions for the resources over Google Hangout on Air.  Being able to work hands on with the programs really helped me to figure them out.  Each person helped to write the script and contribute to the production of the video.  We did struggle with posting the video to YouTube but it just made for a valuable learning experience about asking others for help!

I hope that you enjoy our hilarious video.   It was a pleasure learning along side all of you this semester!



Have you met…

My mentorship teacher?

I have had the pleasure of meeting Victoria Olson over the course of this semester!  Every time that I talk to her I always feel so inspired to use technology in the classroom.  I love how she makes it feel so easy to incorporate technology and provides me with so many resources!!  Hope you enjoy our discussion and are able to get as inspired as I was all semester.

Morgan. 🙂


New Beginnings

This past semester has flown by so quickly and it is crazy to think that at the end of this week I will have completed all of my classes for B.Ed.  I am so happy for all of the people that I have met over the last four years and everything that each person has shared.  One of my favourite parts about education is that everyone is so excited to share their resources and work together.

I am very excited to announce that I have accepted a Kindergarten position that is starting on April 28th, 2014.  I am covering a maternity leave that will extend into the fall.  I have been busy finishing all my course work as well as planning for my very own Kindergarden class.  I was super excited to see that that have 4 classroom iPads and handful of tablets in the school that I will have access to.  I already have a list of apps that I want to show my students!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last week of classes!! GOOD LUCK to all my fellow colleagues and future coworkers! 🙂


Failure can create learning…

This weeks tech task has really taught me to learn from my mistakes.  I really wanted to take a step out of my comfort zone and try a new task.  I attempted to create a UJAM remix because I am very interested in music.  I created two different remixes over the past two weeks but both were unsuccessful in saving or uploading to my blog.  I can play them in my iTunes sometimes but not always!  I tried twice to upload two different files to my blog neither worked.  To any of my fellow classmates who were successful working with UJAM I would love some input!

This class is focused on providing us with resources that we will be able to bring into our classrooms and use with students.  Even though I was not able to master this UJAM program I believe that I would still bring it into the classroom for my students to use!  I was so excited to play around with the different songs and I sent short clips to my friends because I was proud of what I created.  I believe that this resource would create a lot of excitement and enjoyment in the classroom for students.

For my fellow classmates, did you find UJAM to be easily workable and would you bring it into your classroom?  If not, is there another similar website you have found?


Connecting and Reflecting!

I was reading over some of the recent blog posts and Chad Jeannot’s post “Learning from Those we Label” really got me thinking.  This started off as a comment but then I was able to draw so many connections to my own learning I had to create an entire post!

I always appreciated it when teachers gave us a chance to go outside of the box with assignments. Chad had an assignment to take a story, video or book and look at how the characters were labeled either with or without exceptionalities.  Chad had mentioned that Daredevil (his media choice) was not a traditional educational video but from the paper he wrote and his explanation it sounds like he were able to make some really good connections with education.  This got me thinking to my own work with students with special needs.

It was drives me crazy when students with exceptionalities are labeled by the medical condition that is written on their file! One great way that I have been able to gain experience working with students with exceptionalities is while I am subbing as a special education assistant.  I get to work with a variety of students with a variety of different needs. Some teachers will tell you before “oh little Lily has autism” but sometimes they will tell you only specific behaviours that they might have. I find that this is much more helpful because I am not a doctor or an expert in specific exceptionalities so for someone to tell me that a student has (insert specific exceptionality here) it might not mean a whole lot to me. However, if a teacher points out specific characteristics of the student it helps me to work with them in a more understanding way!

I really appreciated reading Chad’s post and it really got me thinking! Check it out it is really interesting.

Tech Free Space?

I was driving to work this morning and on Z99 they were having a discussion about having a “tech free zone” in the home. I was really considering if I think that this is a valuable idea or if it was almost unrealistic.  They were trying to see if people had spots in their houses that were “tech free” which meant that they did not use any forms of technology there.  One caller had suggested that instead of a “tech free space” they would use a “tech free time” instead which meant not having the use of technology during supper time or after a specific time.

From this discussion I was thinking through my own experience with technology in my home.  As I have grown up I have seen an increase of technology in my own home where everyone has a cell phone, couple of laptops, TV’s, and iPads.  I do not think that in my family it would have work to have a “tech free zone” in our house but we do follow “tech free time” during times such as supper time or when we are out in public with each other.  I think  that these times are important so that we are still talking to each other.  I hated when I was a server and there would be a family sitting in the restaurant where both parents are texting and the kids are either texting or playing video games – zero family interaction.

How would you go about implementing “tech free polices” in your house?  Do you think that this helps with social interactions between people?

Digital Storytelling

I am very proud of how well I feel I am doing in the course when it comes to trying and succeeding at mastering the tech tasks, until this task.  I was really excited about using The Daily Create website because I feel as though there are many really interesting ideas that you can use easily in your classroom.  However, I started working on one of the tasks and it was to make a video from 20 short videos but I tried really hard and I could not figure out how to put all of the videos together so I selected some other assignments.

Here are the Daily Create assignment that I did:

IMG_1246 I created a wallet out of purple and black duck tape and it was actually very easy! I could just sit in front of the TV and rip and fold duck tape.  Very creative and relaxing.  Lots of things you can do with duck tape.

IMG_1249IMG_9951 When I started looking around my house for things that represented 3 and it was actually very easy as there was many different pieces that came in threes.

IMG_1247IMG_4528 When you look at the leaves from the side they look really different then the overhead view.  Really liked looking for something to take a picture of.

Overall, I can see myself using this website in my classroom especially with the writing prompts as they can show their creative writing.  I plan to work on figuring out how to put a video together from several short clips! Anyone have any suggestions?